Divers know the ocean better than anyone. expand your knowledge and become an ocean warrior. 

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  • For the person who wants to take beach clean ups to the next level.

    Started May 22, 2020
    100 US dollars
  • For the person who wants to be able to answer "What's that fish?"

    Started May 3, 2020
    175 US dollars
  • Become an Underwater Biologist

    Started May 2, 2020
    175 US dollars
  • Buoyancy techniques are integral for conscious divers and researchers

    Started May 5, 2020
    175 US dollars
  • Why are sharks important, and what can we do to protect them?

    Started May 11, 2020
    175 US dollars
  • All seven species of sea turtles are endangered. How can we help?

    Started May 17, 2020
    150 US dollars

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